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This is the website for the Shadow of the Eagles Napoleonic wargaming rules, published in the UK by Partizan Press. The site was set up so that wargamers using the rules could ask questions, provide input through comments and suggestions, and find resources such as scenarios and related products like books and wargaming accessories. There are also links to the places you can buy Shadow of the Eagles.

The hardback rule book is available from the Caliver Books website - use the button below to go to the appropriate page. Click the 'Rules' button in the menu bar above to see what you can expect in the full rule book.

You can also buy a 'Rules Only' watermarked PDF from Wargame Vault. Please note that this tablet-friendly PDF is NON-PRINTABLE. Click the 'PDF' button below to purchase. You'll get the rules themselves exactly as they are in the book, but the explanatory notes, examples of play, and the 'Wars and Campaigns' section are all absent. The latter gives a basic guide to the course of the wars, but more importantly allows the gamer to relate the rules to the circumstances of each particular campaign. A more friendly, narrative way of having army lists.

The Forum, Blog and File Share sections are currently Members Only areas, but signing up to be a member is very easy and will only take a minute or two of your time.

Some of you may know about my previous rule set, Honours of War. If you aren't familiar, click the link in the menu bar above to go to the Honours of War website.



In my opinion, all commercially published rules should have a place where purchasers can ask questions about the rules, and just as importantly share their issues and ideas with other players. As the author, I want to know what players think about the rules, how the player experience is progressing, and receive input that could improve the rules for everyone, including myself.


Although these rules are being sold commercially, this project is essentially just another part of my hobby. Our hobby is a social one where the sharing of ideas and information is fundamental. So head over to the forum and make yourself known.



From time to time I will want to add personal articles to this site, relevant to Shadow of the Eagles but also at times to Napoleonic wargaming in general. There will also be times when I want to write more fully to explain aspects of the rules, introduce amendments or new rules, provide game reports from myself and others, and review books and wargaming products. And I might want to sound off about wargaming in general, or just present a bit of eye candy. 

As with any blog, you can respond directly on the blog with comments and reflections on the posts. 


This is the part of the site to which documents and other files can be uploaded by myself and other members, then studied and/or downloaded as required. It's a good place for me to put out any errata, rule changes or new rules, and for members to offer house rules, scenarios, or anything else related to Shadow of the Eagles.

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